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How to calculate the diameter and elbow volume of the heating and ventilation pipe production line?
- 2019-11-13-

First, the calculation method of the heating duct ventilation pipe diameter and elbow engineering quantity

1. Take the middle value of the reducing diameter, and calculate the elbow directly into the length of the duct;
2, the amount of elbow need not be counted again;
3. The calculation rule of ventilation is to calculate the length of the centerline of the air duct. The calculation of the air duct has already included the length of the pipe fittings (ie, elbows, tees and warp changes). The length of the tube changes by 1/2, and the elbow can be directly calculated at the intersection of the two directions of axes.

(Heating Ventilation Pipe Project)

Second, the calculation method of the amount of heating ventilation pipe

1. The production and installation of air ducts are based on the different construction drawings. The unit of measurement is "m2" according to the development area, and the area occupied by inspection holes, measurement holes, air outlets, and air inlets is not deducted.
Round duct F = π × D × L
In the formula: F——the expanded area of the circular duct, m2;
D——round duct diameter, m;
L——length of pipeline centerline, m.

(Heating Ventilation Pipe Project)

2. The length of the duct is always based on the length of the center line of the construction diagram, including the length of pipe fittings such as elbows, tees, reducers, and round places, but excluding components (regulating valves, mufflers, mufflers, Static pressure box). The diameter and perimeter are based on the dimensions shown in the figure. The overlapping part of the bite has been included in the corresponding item and must not be added separately.
3. The diameters of the specifications listed in the production and installation of plastic air ducts and composite air ducts are the inner diameter, and the perimeter is the inner perimeter.
4. The production and installation of thin steel plate ventilation ducts, purification ventilation ducts, glass fiber reinforced plastic ventilation ducts, and composite material ventilation ducts have already included flanges, reinforced frames and hanging brackets, and shall not be calculated separately.
5. Hanging brackets are not included in the manufacture and installation of stainless steel ventilation ducts, aluminum plate ventilation ducts, and plastic ventilation ducts. The unit of measurement is "kg" according to the corresponding project, which is calculated separately.
6. When calculating the length of the duct, the main pipe and the branch pipe are divided by the intersection of their centerlines. The length of the reducing pipe is calculated to the extension of the large-diameter duct, and the length of the elbow is calculated by the intersection of the centerlines of the two ducts.
7. The installation of flexible soft air duct shall be measured in "m" according to the length of the center line shown in the figure.
8. The density of galvanized sheet steel is 1.05 times that of ordinary sheet steel.

(Heating Ventilation Pipe Project)

Third, the calculation method of the amount of heating and ventilation pipe components

1. Calculation of air duct components-valve manufacturing and installation engineering quantities are calculated according to "100 kg", using the corresponding subheadings.
2. Air duct components-calculation of air duct production and installation engineering volume Air duct production is based on mass calculation engineering quantity, measured as "100 kg", and "unit" measurement installation engineering quantity; but steel shutter air outlet is measured as "square meter".
3. Installation of air duct components-hood production and installation engineering quantity hood production and installation engineering quantity is measured as "100 kilograms" and installation is measured as "units". The hood has a circular umbrella shape, a cone shape, a cylindrical shape, etc.
4. Duct components-The production and installation of hoods is still measured by the mass of their production quantities, and the quantity of their installation projects is measured by "pieces".
5. Duct components-The volume of the production and installation of the sounder is measured by its mass, and its installation by one.

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