Small partial Samsung rolling machine

Small partial Samsung rolling machine

Product Details

The partial Samsung coiling machine is a single cylinder with three oblique rolls. The batch processing speed is the same as that of the environmentally friendly waste bin processing production line equipment. Partial Samsung coil rolling machine has good flexibility, weather resistance, and stain resistance. Its excellent flexibility can effectively cover and bridge the small cracks in the wall, ensure that the coating does not crack, and can withstand extreme weather conditions in the north and south. The coating is durable, does not fade, and does not peel.

Main parameters of partial Samsung rolling machine:

1. Performance characteristics: This series of rolling machine is suitable for thin plate rolling work. It is an asymmetric three-roller structure. The three rollers are made of high-quality solid round steel and processed by high-frequency, carburizing, and quenching processes to ensure mechanical durability. The product has the characteristics of small size, simple structure, convenient operation, light weight and convenient movement. (It can be configured according to customer requirements) It is especially suitable for construction site use in construction, decoration, water and soil engineering, environmental protection and other projects.

2. Processing characteristics: suitable coiling, uniform deformation of parts, after processing, the parts can fully spread the stress, it is not easy to cause the surface to harden, and the original properties of the sheet can be maintained.